Health Science is a popular program of study for postsecondary students with medical aspirations. Health Science degrees are offered online at all levels and provide the rigorous scientific backbone required for immediate Allied Health Science positions and advancement, or for eventual medical professional degrees.

The term "health science" is often applied to vocational training programs in the healthcare field. An associate's degree in "Health Science: Respiratory Care" does not lead to a career as a "health scientist;" but provides the technical and procedural knowledge necessary to a career as a respiratory therapists.

Diploma and associate's degree health science degrees often qualify graduates for entry-level positions as medical assistants or other health care support professionals.

As a bachelor's program, health science is a popular pre-med subject area. Working healthcare professionals seeking to enhance their credentials also benefit from health science bachelor's program; a RN with an associate's degree may pursue a health science BSN, for example.

Health science curriculum generally consists of core science, mathematics, and liberal arts courses and specialized health fields like microbiology, medical terminology, and physiology.

Graduate degrees in Health Science do exist, and can be a good option for working professionals in healthcare administration who want to pursue continued education in applied medical science. Remember, though, that MHS (Master of Health Science) degrees are NOT professional degrees, and DO NOT generally qualify you for clinical healthcare professional positions like physician, physical therapist, and RN positions.